Stimulus vs Austerity 101

Alex Merced discusses Stimulus va Austerity and the pro and cons and blasts through why this debate has been extremely messed up.

Alex Merced on Consumption Patters and Unemployment:

YaHuWaHservant on Austerity:

Veronique De Rugy on Austerity:

Econtalk episodes about Stimulus:

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Training Specialist for Greico Financial Training (Series 7, Series 24, Series 63) Ambassador for the Seasteading Institute Columnist for the RevoluTimes Who is Alex Merced? Alex Merced is a Libertarian activist and amateur economic theorist. Alex Merceds goal is to lead and assist in efforts to promote the libertarian message and free markets. Managing Several blogs and other online media Alex Merced attempts to be a source of knowledge for libertarian trying to argue a world fixated with statism and central planning that undermines the benefits voluntary institutions and cooperation provide in a market economy. How can you help Alex Merced? There are many ways to help Alex Merced via... - Subscribing to his youtube channel - follow Alex on Twitter - buy one of Alexs books - subscribe and like his blogs and facebook pages - Join AlexMercedForums or HayekForums

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