What is GDP? & What is a Stock Market?

In this video I answer a listeners questions as to what is GDP and what is a Stock Market.

Economic Indicators for Libertarians 101

It is important for a Libertarian to be up to date on information and data to be able to craft compelling arguments to protect the freedom of individuals. In this video I discuss several economic indicators and how to think about them.

Explaining Interest Rates and Yield Curves

In this video I help explain the concept of interest rates and yield curves so people can better explain economic concepts.

Policy Wonkery: Unemployment Taxes

While many of us libertarians arn’t fans of overly complicated policies, it never hurt to think about what might be better that we have now. In this video I dicuss tying tax rates to economic outcomes like unemployment, so as an economy improves it results in automatic tax reflief, and create an incentive for private firms to care about economic outcomes.