What is GDP? & What is a Stock Market?

In this video I answer a listeners questions as to what is GDP and what is a Stock Market.

Economic Indicators for Libertarians 101

It is important for a Libertarian to be up to date on information and data to be able to craft compelling arguments to protect the freedom of individuals. In this video I discuss several economic indicators and how to think about them.

A Defense of Rand Paul: The Market Price of Pragmatism/Principle

Many libertarians felt betrayed when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney earlier this year, and in this video I make my defense of Rand Paul a pragmatism in the name of change. In the same way the market clears by finding the equilibrium between supply and demand, an individual must change the world by finding the equilibrium between principle and pragmatism. Just like price equilibrium, the constantly changing world and conditions changes where equilibrium is but it must be sought to affect change.

Tax Policy 101 – Basic Tax Policy for Libertarians, Progressives, and Conservatives

In this video I discuss Tax Policy, the considerations that people must think about when discussing taxes and the different ways of taxing and their costs and benefits.

A Libertarian Reading of Paul Krugmans “End this Depression Now”

This is a playlist of Videos of me discussing Paul Krumans, “End this Depression Now!”. Giving a take from a libertarian free market point of view.

The Case for Free Market Environmentalism

In this video I talk about how in a free market world where roads are privatized it could mean great things for the economy and the environment.

A Libertarian Take on Deposit & Unemployment Insurance

In this video I discuss my take on insurance and it’s role in the economy, and why privatizing unemployment and deposit insurance can be some of the most transformative changes we can make to our economy.

Modeling, Economics, and Bad Predictions

Once again, I talk about my general skepticism of people speaking with certainty about modeling and measurement.

What is a good economy?

In the following video I discuss the basic question, “What is a good economy”? We all get excited at economic metrics that seem somewhat positive, yet if we don’t have solid idea what is an economy and what is it’s function than what are we measuring?