Economic Indicators for Libertarians 101

It is important for a Libertarian to be up to date on information and data to be able to craft compelling arguments to protect the freedom of individuals. In this video I discuss several economic indicators and how to think about them.

A Defense of Rand Paul: The Market Price of Pragmatism/Principle

Many libertarians felt betrayed when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney earlier this year, and in this video I make my defense of Rand Paul a pragmatism in the name of change. In the same way the market clears by finding the equilibrium between supply and demand, an individual must change the world by finding the equilibrium between principle and pragmatism. Just like price equilibrium, the constantly changing world and conditions changes where equilibrium is but it must be sought to affect change.

Why Ron Paul is Unique? (Galvanizers and Diplomats)

Ron Paul is a unique figure in libertarianism, able to not only be a diplomat and figure that people outside of libertarianism can empathize with, but also a diehard who can galvanize the most radical of libertarians. It’s very rare a figure like him can exist, and let’s be glad he does.